Please Note: These beers are NOT necessarily on tap. Please call location for tap list.

  • Bulldog Red
  • Professor IPA
  • Coconut Porter
  • Our Irish Red pours a deep mahogany and supports a robust off-white foam. Featuring rich, complex caramel aromas with a touch of dark sugar, there is just enough hop character to balance this easy drinker.

    5.1% ABV - 27 IBU

    Style Guideline

  • A West Coast style IPA, the Professor is golden and sports a large frothy white head. Hops leap out of the glass, citrus, apricot, and herbal notes define this brew. There is enough malty body to keep you coming back for more.

    6.6% ABV - 65 IBU

    Style Guideline

  • The 5th Voyage is a refreshing and easy drinking Porter meant to be drank in any season. Fresh coconut and chocolate flavors immediately standout, but rich roasted malt quickly takes over for a flavorful finish.

    6.3% ABV - 18 IBU

    Style Guideline

22oz Bomber Bottle Releases

  • Old Siberian
  • Aphrodisiac
  • End of the World
  • Old Siberian is a beer that tames the brutish northern winter with it's full rich flavors of caramel and dark fruit. It is rich and expressive, malt forward, and begs to be enjoyed in front of the fireplace. This is a terrific beer to drink this season, or age in your cellar and allow it to develop further for years to come. Let Old Siberian become on of the bright spots amid our long frigid winters.

    7.3% ABV - 50 IBU

    Style Guideline

  • Enhance your romance this Valentine's Season with the seductive flavors of Chocolate and Pomegranate! We combined three of the most intoxicating Aphrodisiacs on the planet (chocolate, pomegranate, and alcohol) to create this lustful brew. You'll taste the passion that makes this love at first sip.

    8.4% ABV - 41 IBU

    Style Guideline

  • This insanely aromatic Double IPA is brewed and Double Dry Hopped with a special blend of the most exclusive hops on the planet. This beer was designed to be consumed before the End of the World, not after it. So drink now, drink fresh, because tomorrow is never promised...and the aliens are moving at the speed of light!

    8.5% ABV - 85 IBU

    Style Guideline